Trybe Records v2.0

Sojay, eLDee and K9...Trybe Records v2.0

Sojay and k9 were the winner and 1st runner up respectively from Trybe Records’ Top Talent contest earlier this year, and they have since joined the Trybe Records family. Please follow them on twitter, “like” their facebook fanpages, and help spread the word about their music. Trust me when I say the world is yet to experience what we are about to do with these two.

K9 and Sojay are featured in my upcoming “Is it your money? Vol.2” album.

Follow Sojay on twitter: @therealsojay & Hit up Sojay on facebook

Follow K9 on twitter: @misturrk9 & Hit up k9 on facebook

Listen to Sojay‘s winning song “Special Person” belowย 

Listen to K9‘s winning song “Stutter” below

2 thoughts on “Trybe Records v2.0

  1. let’s go boys you are in Good hands , you gonna do well. just come to the state on tour with the boss.

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