The e-Critic

A critic is anyone who expresses a value judgement. An acclaimed critic is one who is publicly accepted in a recognised capacity, such as professional employment, graduation from a course of study, etc., to give acceptable commentaries based on his/her achievement and experience in the field in question

These days, a few people who claim to be averse to mediocrity in music, create mini internet platforms and begin to analyze what makes sense musically versus what doesn’t. These people have no formal music knowledge, are not active music performers, neither do they have any formal training that allows for their commentary to hold any weight, yet they wish to discuss art like they are professors of it. That to me, is the highest form of mediocrity. Any judgement that is not based on proven scientific analysis/methods is only an expression of personal taste and opinion, which is usually limited by experience and exposure.

Everybody has a right to a personal opinion but the minute you regard yourself as a formal authority in your critique, we shall be forced to ask for your credentials. It’s easy to create a stone-throwing platform just to get attention, but not easy to fool sensible, discerning people about your purpose.

I choose to share some of these thoughts because of troubling trends that threaten the sustainability of standards in our society, via uncontrolled access to alternative media. It can be just as damaging as it is enlightening. Question everything you read and hear, and make sense of it from a position of logic before drawing conclusions that could be destructive.

One thought on “The e-Critic

  1. I hope people read this. So called twitter and Facebook critic that always come up with an opinion and would try there most possible best to impose their favoritism.

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