Undeniable album track list

 #UNDENIABLE_TrackList 1. HIGHER – (prod by @beatsbysarz) – features K9 & Sojay, 2 Trybe artists that will cause a major shock-wave this year. K9 is undoubtedly the most talented young artist I know, plus he’s a sick producer. Sojay by far the best male vocalist to have come out of Nigeria yet. E go be like say I dey make mouth now…sha wait for their singles. “Higher” was recorded at my home studio in Lagos.

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 2. BEEN THERE DONE THAT – (prod by @beatsbysarz) – By far one of the easiest records I’ve ever made. The beat was talking to me from the first time I heard it, I just turned on the mic and freestyled thru the entire song. Made in less than 30mins.

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 3. TODAY TODAY – (prod by @beatsbysarz, co-produced by @Teeymix & @eldeethedon) – Contemporary highlife music, Wedding song…need I say more. I wanted the song to be simple, yet catchy, without being corny like most wedding songs. Fun to write, fun to make. I went out to TYmix to add that extra bass you hear on the hook and the electric guitars towards the end, so I can get a more traditional feel. He killed it, and in one take too!!

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 4. ALWAYS – (prod by @beatsbysarz) – featuring my precious daughter Temi (@temilabelle). I wrote this song in New york while in studio with @realchiddy (Chiddy Bang). I recorded the song in Lagos, brought Temi who was only 1yr old at the time into my home studio, and she killed it!..lol

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 5. RUNDOWN – (prod by @beatsbysarz) – Featuring BankyW, one of my favourite artists to work with. Fun song to record, decided to do something unconventional for both of us….a little dancehall type beat with a contemporary hip-hop bounce from Sarz, the beat genius. Like I said a year ago, the fear of @beatsbysarz is the beginning of wisdom for all Naija producers.

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 6. TRANSFORMERS – (prod by @eldeethedon) – Featuring K9, Sojay. We were hanging out in studio one night and decided to do a song for the ones who love to hate us…this one will get your attention for sure…lol

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 7. CATEGORY – (prod by @beatsbysarz) – This record was a hit before it was made. Again, @beatsbysarz knows how to make a solid club banger without sounding generic.

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 8. WASH WASH – (prod by @beatsbysarz) – If you dont move when this beat comes on, youre officially dead. I had white boys in Boston losing their minds to this. And to think I almost didnt make this record. Simple concept, Trybesmen formula,…13yrs later, still a hit record 🙂

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 9. NEVER LET U GO – (prod by @beatsbysarz) – Featuring @WizkidAyo. Ok I call Wizkid at 8pm, send him the record on bbm, he shows up at 10:15am, records his part and leaves by 10:35am. Wiz has definitely clocked his 10,000 hours,…outlier for damn sure. All in all, Fun song to record, playful, PG stuff..lol

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 10. ZOMBIE – (prod by @beatsbysarz) – Rights activist? they say I care too much and cant make music without addressing the issues, this is no different. Started off with K9 freestyling over the beat and came up with a solid hook. Think of this as the consciuos song with a happy vibe to it.

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 11. WE MADE IT – (prod by @Cobhamsasuquo) – Featuring Sojay. The eLDee story, from 1999 to date. A hiphop record for all my rap fans, laced with vocals that can only be compared to an Usher or Joe feature.

10 thoughts on “Undeniable album track list

  1. Always trusted you &i have no doubt you will deliver.the sky is the starting point for you.regards to miss temi.congrats to the whole trybe record for this.

  2. I am speechless……. eLDee never disappoint me for a second….. Yeah he never did…… Now can’t wait for 1st of July to get da album…… Much ♥ ♥ ♥ for eLDee anytime….. I know some of you will be wondering why I hype him too much on my Twitter Timeline and on my Bbm PM. If u understand how you get connected to some songs….. Trust mii I get connected to all eLDee Music… Yeah I said “ALL”…… But mostly get connected to the underrated ones…….. I’m weird like that LOL.

  3. Am very very happy to have your songs with me. To me you are the best among the rest, your tracks are full of wisdom and understanding. I most confess when I saw your pix on your last album BIG BOY I think you were a pastor but when I listen to your songs I choose you as my mentor, Ab cute

  4. Blarrr!! elDee u gat me inspired here, maka chukwu NICE WORK bro and pray for we YOUNG STARS!! U know. NICE WORK BRO cnt wait to hear em all!!!

  5. I luv dat! it a grate job 4rm eldee baba!!, why not include otamioniyafoko!!! eldee ee! ee!! eeeee!!! molegbomolowoe joo,i luv u UNDENIABLE MAN, 2DAY NA 2DAY,no be smallthing my brother.

  6. Boss!
    I love that #Zombie track so much dat I developed a concept for the video.
    Please,please pleasssse I just want an oppurtunity to share my idea with you.

    Mr Officer.

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